Life and health insurance applications made easy.

Introducing™ – your one-stop, end-to-end digital platform to accelerate and simplify life and health insurance applications.


Connecting and coordinating insurers, brokers and agents, healthcare providers and new applicants on one digital platform.

A time-saving, hassle-free way to apply for and process life, health and critical illness insurance.

By bringing everything together on one Universal platform,™ provides a seamless digital experience that is faster, simpler and easier.

Here’s a little more about our product:

Created by a team of Silicon Valley healthcare and technology experts,™ uses cutting-edge technology to remove the stress and confusion from life and health insurance applications. With features like medical history and background checks, digital assessment bookings, automated reminders, analytics, tracking and concierge support,™ handles all of the complexity and heavy lifting for you.

And how it benefits everyone:


We’re here to guide you through every step of the insurance application and offer helpful services along the way. The process is paperless, simple and easy.

Healthcare providers

Complete insurance medical exams and reports using an integrated electronic medical record, and access applicant bookings on the Universal platform.


Easily take your new applicant through the underwriting process in a fully digitized, environment using one dynamic platform, reducing the drop-off rate and increasing accuracy.

Brokers and agents

Introduce your applicants to insurers in a paperless setting and track their progress through the underwriting process using the Universal platform, putting you in full control.

Stay tuned!

Our groundbreaking product,™, is currently in development and set to revolutionize the life and healthcare insurance industry soon.