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Evidence-Based Healthcare into
Innovative Digital Solutions has been established by a team of healthcare and technology experts, using cutting-edge technology developed in Silicon Valley to seamlessly connect patients, healthcare providers, insurers and various other stakeholders on a single digital platform.

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The Story

The Universal Healthcare Group is a well-established, independent, private equity-owned Group of companies with a multi-national footprint and a staff compliment in excess of 950 employees, originally founded in South Africa, and now operating from several offices in South Africa with a presence in the Indian Ocean Islands and USA. The current (third generation) of owners acquired the company more than eleven years ago. Within the group, certain group subsidiaries have been providing services for more than 75 years.

The Universal Healthcare Group touches the lives of more than 10-million people across the world and is a leader in 3rd party administration, integrated healthcare management, managed care, pharmaceutical benefit management, corporate wellness, insurance, and technology services.

We are contracted to more than 30 Health Insurance Plans, amongst others the Government Employees Medical Scheme, the second-largest healthcare plan in South Africa, as well as other prominent companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, such as the South African subsidiary of Walmart. Universal is the largest independent company of its kind in South Africa and has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the South African healthcare industry over the last ten years. We use data, technology, and evidence-based information to develop and implement innovative and sustainable solutions.

We recently expanded to the USA and, Inc. is the latest addition to the Group. The new start-up has the full backing of the corporate parent company and is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, with the technology center located in San Francisco, CA. The multi-national team, consisting of technology and healthcare experts, operates from France, the UK, SA, and the USA.

Our Vision and Values

We aim to provide access to world-class healthcare, insurance, and technology solutions, thereby improving human life and wellness. We strive for excellence in everything we do, with a personal touch. We believe in building lasting relationships and partnerships, and we are highly focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Purpose

To help those who are ill to get better,
To encourage those who are well to live healthier lives and to prevent illness,
And to support healthcare professionals in providing evidence-based medicine with a caring approach.’s Products

Universal has developed an innovative and disruptive one-stop digital healthcare platform, with the first three major products ready for release:

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